Engine Room Solutions Research

Engine Room Solutions’ Research division represents a melding of our academic, professional and emergency management special interests and capabilities.

We are research-practitioners who actively work and research in our chosen fields. Our aim is to blend best-practice research and thinking with practical, real-world experience – enabling application of the most effective, innovative outcomes with greatest benefit and value to our end-users.

As practising professionals we have a preference for implementing, testing and evaluating our research findings ourselves. This means we have first-hand knowledge of the raw data we collect, analyse and interpret. We believe that this strongly positions us to effectively and efficiently test and evaluate our findings, providing continuity in the “information-to-output chain”, thereby supplying the greatest advocacy and assistance to those we seek to help.

Our ‘wholistic’ research (deliberately spelt with a ‘w’) aims to benefit people and their social microclimates, reduce costs and streamline funding arrangements to a single package of research-report-trial-evaluate.

Research funding comes from within the organisation as well as from external sources. If your agency is interested in proposing and discussing a research project with Engine Room Solutions, please contact us via the Contact us link on the homepage.

Rachel’s latest publication is a chapter in Springer’s Geohazards and Disaster Risk Reduction: Multidisciplinary and Integrated Approaches.

You can find the eBook here.

Editors: Sebastiano D’Amico and Francesco De Pascale

ISBN: 978-3-031-24541-1

Rachel’s chapter is titled Where there is smoke: normalising community preparedness and geohazard resilience: a wildfire perspective.

You can find the chapter here.

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-031-24541-1_19