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Emilis Prelgauskas

Industry Peer-Reviewed Papers

In – www.environmentdesignguide.com.au

  • Paper NOT12, November 2008: ‘Entry Portal to EDGe’

A compendium of all author papers in Environment Design Guide to that time, arranged by subject matter including: – Design for Climate – Site issues – Resource capture – Pollution – Health & Comfort – Urban Context – Market Viability – Philosophy – Policy – Rating systems – Case studies.

Developed together with the SA RAIA Chapter Sustainable Built Environment Committee where Emilis Prelgauskas was Chair at the time.

  • Paper DES20, February 2003: Enhanced Natural Ventilation in Hot Arid Lands
  • Paper DES59, May 2004: Passive Cooling Building Systems

Based on the author’s 2003 ‘Performance Outcomes’ folder of post occupancy measured detached dwellings across South Australia’s climate zones.

  • Paper TEC21, May 2007: Applying Expert Opinion to Domestic Building energy Assessment.

In – ‘Intensify’, Autumn 2010 Issue 10:  ‘Living & breathing Green’

In – Australian Greenhouse Office:  ‘Your Home manual’ 4th Ed

Design for life – Section 3.5: Bushfires Case Studies –  Section 8.13: Kangaroo Island house

In – Dairy SA – Dairy Industry InfoSheets – Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

Sheet A3 – Construction Materials Sheet A2 – Thermal Efficient Design Renewable Energy Sources dairyingfortomorrow.com.au (Scroll down for RRR-fact-sheets)

In – www.landcorp.com.au/Residential/Pilbara-Veracular

For Government of Western Australia, portions of Pilbara Design Handbook, original compiling editors: CODA-studio, Fremantle.

Academic Papers

  1. Prelgauskas, E. 2016. Helping fire-impacted families in rebuilding: toward enhanced community resilience outcomes. Australian Journal of Emergency Management, 31, 4. (Peer reviewed).
  2. Westcott, R. & Prelgauskas, E. 2013. Post disaster recovery arrangements for animals in South Australia. Australian Journal of Emergency Management. 28,3. (Non peer-reviewed).